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Women of Set

I will preface this with the fact that I began writing this post without any real sense of direction, doing so merely as an act of defiance against my mind, which, in its usual, cruel way familiar to many of us who deal with such monthly biological processes, is currently feeding me lies about my sense of worth, beauty, intelligence, strength. I ignored it, speaking aloud that I am a woman of Set and I’d be damned if I’d sit around and wallow in the hormonal mire when I have so much to be done before the start of my own personal new year in less than twenty four hours.

But the phrase “Woman of Set” triggered a realization in me. There are many of us, the women of Set, daughters, worshipers, self-proclaimed devotees, equal in love of and respect for He Before Whom The Sky Shakes despite our varying titles. I hear myself in these women’s words when I read their writings. Time and time again, I am fascinated by the connections I find, though we come from many backgrounds, forms of Kemeticism, and methods of worship or work. I am intrigued by the genderless strength that rings forth through so many female-bodied voices; I suspect my words are more obviously feminine than most, but I have heard more than once from other women of Set that they are often perceived as male before they choose to reveal that they are not.

Who are we, we women of Set, empowered with knowledge, strengthened in form or in mind, firesouled the lot of us. How were each of us drawn to Him? How has He changed us in turn? What makes each of us uniquely capable of understanding His wit, meeting His demands, rising to His challenges?

I don’t know now, but I hope I will in time, by reading your blogs, hearing your stories, and slowly coming to understand what it means to be connected to each other in this way. I would welcome the company and friendship of other women of Set (or men/otherwise-identified for that matter, despite the title of this post), if they would have mine.




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  • It’s a point of pride for me: I am a child of Set. That mantra gets me through my worst days, and lifts me up even higher on my best. He is the secret that hides behind my smile. I’ve had the opportunity to stand beside some of my Set siblings (http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa193/dixiejo/WepRonpet_2009/set-kids.jpg), and together we completely dominated – simply by existing.

    I’ve learned that getting to know my siblings, and others with a special relation with Set, helps me know Him more. We all experience Him differently, which completely FASCINATES me! And in loving my siblings, I serve Him better. And having Hethert has my Mother makes loving everybody soooooo easy. ;) HUGS FOR THE WORLD!!
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  • Hello! Thanks for your great words on my blog! Consider me introduced!
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