Ekunyi's Embers


Personal Prayer to Set

Hail to You, Oh Set!
Strongest of the Netjeru,
Ever-victorious at the prow of the Mandjet.
Grant me your strength, lend me your spear.
As you destroy the great snake
So shall I destroy isfet in my life and the lives of those around me.
I am your daughter who shouts your name!
Lord of the Northern Skies,
He Who is Great of Battle Cry,
Lend Your voice to mine.
Shout storms of transformation from the heavens.
Chant the change which is necessary if not easy.
Sing strikes of lightning to destroy obstacles.
I hear you and I do not fear.

Music Dedicated to Set

Dua Set – Catfolk
Walk Forth in Strength - Catfolk
Snow’s Storm – Familiar
Sing You Home (In Progress) – Catfolk
Together They Dance – Catfolk
Desert of Set – Therion
Shefytbast’s Songs for Set

  • Song for the Procession of Set, Lord of the Oasis
  • Set Heart
  • Lord of the Northern Sky
  • Set Chant
  • Song for the Feast of Set, Lord of the Oasis
  • Bawy Song

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