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Today is a festival of Set in the House of Netjer, “The Day Set Kills the Rebel.”

I give thanks to my divined Father for striking down isfet in my life and in the world. In the span of our mere eighteen months together, my emotional, physical and mental health has so drastically changed for the better, that I can genuinely find no words adequate to fully express my gratitude. I only hope that my dedication to continued self-improvement, to wielding my own symbolic sword against the problems and injustice I encounter in the world, and my promise to be the strongest person I can be for my friends and family, will be thanks enough.

And so, I find it fitting that on one of His days I publicly declare my intent to take Shemsu vows. Provided that Hemet receives my message and all goes well, I will receive a name and swear my loyalty to my gods and to my community at 9:30 PM Eastern on the 30th of January, celebrating my thus far successful efforts to bring greater balance into my life, and the start of what looks to be a challenging, but rewarding, journey in this faith.

The timing… feels right. I’ve come so far, albeit it in so little time. I’ve changed so much as an individual, almost entirely for the better, and feel fulfilled for the return of a spiritual facet to my existence. I’ve felt welcomed into the House as a family member, become more involved with rituals, helped with ongoing projects, received and provided support in times of trouble.

Granted, I also know that there are greater challenges still to come. An upcoming scan related to a past health scare looms heavy on my mind, as does a drastic, but necessary, shift in my career. Taking this step feels like I’m grounding myself, planting my feet in a solid stance and digging in to face the oncoming storm, full well knowing that the best way to get through it may be to let myself ride its winds.

I am ready. As the daughter of strength and beauty, as a member of a network of kindred spirits spread across the globe, I am ready.

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