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Epagomenal Days – Day of Set

Given that today is my spiritual Father’s birthday, I tried to set aside some time to do something special for the occasion.

After my required work for the day I bought groceries, including ingredients to make snake-shaped bread on Wep Ronpet, and cranberry kombucha as an offering tonight. I don’t often drink alcoholic beverages, so fermented red tea seemed an appropriate substitution.

I took the drink offering to the local lakefront park, found a nice place in a forested area, and sat, watching the sky turn red as Set, having successfully defending the solar barque for another day, descended back beyond the horizon. It was comforting, having His color fill the sky, and I cherished the moment of peace and disconnect from technology, listening to the water lap against the rocks just below my feet, watching a dragonfly land on a branch a foot from my face and begin to clean itself, a spider finish the day’s construction on her web. The kombucha was offered and subsequently reverted.

It was a good time to think about events from the day. Midway through the day, I discovered that a friend of mine had been hurt by my words at a meeting we’d arranged, and subsequently had no desire to hold further meetings. I had not spoken in anger at that time, merely re-directed the conversation to another group member, noting that they had been “cut a bit short” and I wanted to give them a chance to finish their thought. I am accustomed to guiding meetings, and had not thought for a minute that the force of my words might be taken as an attack. It was a wake up call that strength, fire behind one’s will, can inadvertently burn and should be handled with care. It was also a reminder that there is strength in recognizing that you cannot do everything, cannot predict every reaction, and so must be capable of accepting mistakes that were beyond your power to catch or prevent.

I also spent some time thinking about the annual oracle today. Again I am presented with this concept of Balance that I first engaged in my contemplation of the Bawy, was repeated in both my Akhu reading, and my complete RPD results. Four times? Yeah, it’s time to actually start working on it. I think I’ll make that a goal for Wep Ronpet proper: write a post on Balance.

I took a few pictures of sunset, thought I’d include them here.

And with that, I think it’s time for some music to conclude Set’s day. Probably metal.

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