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It liiiiives!

So after a number of hours of work (I fear I am not the most web-savvy of individuals, despite claiming an extremely gifted web-designer as a sibling!) I am bloody overjoyed to announce that I finally have this new blog up and running! The individual Netjeru pages are still under construction — those will take a fair bit of time to accumulate research, resources, etc. — but everything else basically looks as I’d hoped it would! All posts here will be crossposted to my Dreamwidth account, so I view this blog as a means of  reaching out to new members of the Kemetic and eclectic pagan community, adding new ideas and discussions to the mix, rather than enacting some sort of dramatic shift away from what I’ve already been writing about on DW.

I look forward to meeting more of you and hope that you like the new virtual digs!

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