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Happy Wep Ronpet!

I will draft a post later today detailing my experiences during Aset and Nebt-het’s days, but for now, Happy Wep Ronpet to those celebrating, and a wonderful day full of opportunity and hope to those who don’t! I promised Emky of Grave Moss and Stars that I would share pictures of my mini-celebration, so here goes.

Through some unknown miracle I did manage to wake up at 5:30, and brought in the new year with those celebrating at Tawy House at 5:49. Being in a large apartment complex my celebratory noise-making at such an hour was somewhat subdued, I fear I praised with quiet bamboo flute rather than lively percussion. Granted, the soft voice of the flute seemed to suit the soft, natural light streaming in from the East, allowing me a more contemplative, relaxed morning than I’ve had in some time.  While in shrine, I briefly stepped away from that peacefulness to think of all that I desired to leave behind with the old year. It was reassuring to be able to return to the gentle glow of the growing dawn after a fairly intense consideration of all that had gone wrong, all that had hurt me. I made a promise to spend time later today establishing my goals for the months ahead.

After concluding my time in shrine I moved on to a more light-hearted aspect of the morning’s celebrations: snake cake.

Or in this case, snake pull apart bread!

Nothing quite like a tasty, symbolic interpretation of destroying isfet incarnate to start your morning right.

For extra flair, add a little strawberry jam for dramatic effect after ripping the enemy apart with your bare hands, and stabbing it with knives!

Yeah… probably not a good idea to ever let me have my own cooking show. ^_^;

For those celebrating, either today or at another time, how did you bring in the New Year? Do you use this time to establish goals or welcome the future with a specific ritual?