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Personal Prayer to Heqat

Hail to You, Heqat!
I Seek You in Your form of Musician in Hermopolis,
I speak to each of These Eight Faces:
May the First chant words of protection over Mothers and their children.
May the Second sing the lullabies that help the babes to rest and grow.
May the Third lead choirs of communities newly forged.
May the Fourth grant life to intention with its vibrant melody.
May the Fifth help tight throats breathe and find voice again.
May the Sixth seek out those alone in silence and bring them joy.
May the Seventh flood our lives with creative energy and music.
May the Eighth give praise for being alive and remind us of all that is splendid.

Songs Devoted to Heqat

Take Me to the River – Catfolk/Familiar

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Henadology – Heqat

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