Ekunyi's Embers

Prayer for Fire

God of Chaos, Lady of the Eye,

You know me.

I am at my best when I am burning.

I am strongest when consuming goals and leaving only the ash behind.

I have been weak.

I have stopped seeking new tasks to ignite and transform.

I have stopped changing and improving myself.

I have grown complacent, and in that complacency I have forgotten myself.

I sputter and die for lack of kindling.

I have thought of what it would be to have my light disappear entirely, and at times, only the darkness it would bring to others keeps the embers alight.

I ask that you help me find the task I must conquer next, the task that will fulfill me and help me grow as I blaze my way through its challenges.

Help me find my fire and I will burn like few others can.

This, I swear.


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