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A bit of Moomas levity…

Inspired by Daryt, an acquaintance from the House of Netjer, I let myself take a bit of a break from paper-writing this morning to come up with a “parody carol” for Moomas — a humorous term which I understand to encompass The Myth of Celestial Cow (and, obliquely, the Return of the Wandering Eye) which often overlaps with Christmas in terms of scheduling.

To the tune of “The Holly and the Ivy”

The sun aloft burns golden, fierce judgement from the sky,
Man has turned from Ra in chaos, and so descends His Eye.

Praise the rising of the sun god, to rule above the earth
Dua Mother Nut who holds him, and renews us with His birth

The Red Lady seeks Ra’s vengeance, as strong as any fire.
But when the deed is finished, She is caught within Her ire.


To soothe the rage of Sekhmet, Lord Ra creates a flood
Spreading calming drink o’er all the earth, as red as any blood.


Greatly wearied by His trials Ra seeks the aid of She
Who wears the form of the sacred cow, and is love eternally.


It is love that lifts Him upwards, and keeps Him midst the clouds
Even when Her legs begin to shake, Lady Nut remains unbowed


Praise the Lady of the Heavens, and the gods who lend Her aid,
Praise the brilliance of the akhu, whose light shall never fade.


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