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Procession of Set

Life is a little crazy for the standard bearer at present. Set claimed my masters thesis as an offering: given that I’m looking at the music of American Civil War reenactment as a form of memorial and construction of history, this at least *sort of* makes sense. I wound up getting to his required 50 page mark in the wee hours of the 17th, subsequently baked Irish soda bread as a supplementary offering (and a celebration of the “other holiday” that this Irish-American lady holds dear.) I crashed hard, got up the next day and cleaned out the shrine before deciding that the best take on a Procession I could offer was to get All The Sets out of the cabinet where I keep my Kemetic statuary and art, and give them sunlight and air for the day.

Guys, I have a metric shit tonne of Sets.


Literally seconds after I lit the incense, I got a call from my partner: his car had broken down halfway between North Carolina and Pennsylvania, and he needed rescuing. Thus an epic road trip began which saw us getting home at 3am.

Never a dull moment on a Set day.

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