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A Ritual for the Daily Battle at the Prow of Ra’s Boat

I mostly wrote this for myself as I deal with mental health concerns, but I share it here in case any others would find it useful.

Ritual for the Daily Battle at the Prow of Ra’s Boat


Establish a space, either within your current shrine or in a new (purified) location. Make sure that this place is readily accessible, even near your front door if necessary, so that you will not be able to ignore it before leaving your home.

In this space, place the following:

A red candle.

A box of matches or a lighter.

An image of a spear: the spear may be three dimensional or two dimensional, but make sure that it is wide enough to write on the image.

A writing implement, in a color that you associate with strength.

Offerings for Set.

Optional: an image of Set* (or another god known for protecting the solar barque.)

*I will be naming Set throughout the rest of the ritual description. If you prefer, exchange another god’s name and epithets where appropriate.

On the evening before the first time you intend to complete this daily ritual:

Complete an act of ritual purification in whatever way best suits your personal practice.

Light the red candle, and say the following:

“Hail Set, Chosen of Ra, 
Fierce at the prow of the mesketet.
My light guides your blade in the darkness.
Your spear burns as fire in the flesh of the Uncreated.” 

Lift your image of the spear so that it is illuminated by the flame.

“Mighty One of Twofold Strength, I lend my spear to your battle.
My arm is your strong arm.
My foreleg is your strong foreleg.”

Lower the spear before the flame, and take up your pen or marker.

Write on the spear four components of your identity, personality, or even past accomplishments that make you feel empowered and remind you of how you affect the world around you (powerful voice, intellect, compassion, ferocity, tenacity etc.). Do not write anything negative on your spear, these things should be your strengths, and you should genuinely take pride in them.

After you write each personal strength, state the following before the flame. For example, if you were writing “intellect” as a strength on your spear you would say the following.

“My blade is my intellect; my intellect destroys isfet without and within.”

Repeat with the next three words:

“My blade is my [strength]; my [strength] destroys isfet without and within.” 

Once you have written all four strengths on the spear, hold it in your hand and contemplate what you have written there. Notice how these aspects of who you are have made a difference in the world and think about how they will continue to do so. Give the spear the pride you feel in these positive characteristics, imbue it with intent to rise every morning and use these traits to accomplish your goals for that day.

When you are ready, set the spear down before the flame, and close with the following words.

“Son of Nut, as you wield your spear against the Uncreated each morning,
so shall this blade serve me in my daily battles.
With it, I destroy the thoughts that would destroy me.
With it, I pierce the lies that would have me lie to myself.
I am worthy of a joyful life lived in ma’at
and I am strong enough to attain this life.”

Thank Set and Netjer, giving appropriate offerings in whatever manner suits your practice. Remove the foot before blowing out the candle and reverting offerings.

Daily Ritual

As soon as possible after rising, complete light purification (washing of mouth and hands).

Light the red candle and say the following.

“Hail Set, Great of Strength.
The sky shakes at your return with the dawn,
Victorious at the prow of the mandjet.”

Lift up your spear, and read from it each of the four strengths, using the following text:

“I am victorious this day in [intellect].
I am victorious this day in [strength 2].
I am victorious this day in [strength 3].
I am victorious this day in [strength 4.]

My enemies tremble before me!
I destroy isfet without and within.
The day is renewed, my strength is renewed,
I am worthy of a joyful life lived in ma’at.” 

Feel free to dedicate your spear to a particular cause that day, or even take it with you, if you need an extra boost of self-confidence or purpose. Then, as before, remove the foot, blow out the candle, and then continue on your way.

For members of the Kemetic Orthodox faith: if you are already doing senut at dawn, I have deliberately made this daily component quite short so that you can easily add it to your personal prayers without taking up too much extra time, should you wish to do so.

Also, at any time, if you wish to change the strengths associated with your spear, you may repeat the evening ritual and make a new one. However, try to use the same strengths for at least one month. There is power in repetition.

Dua Set! Dua Netjer! Nekhtet!


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